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Walking with the Tiger

‘Walking with the Tiger should be required reading for all students interested in shamanism and animism. I have been practicing shamanism for over 40 years and now I wish I had Nick as my teacher. He delves into the true work of shamanism and animism and shares vital information making this such a unique book.

Nicholas uses his brilliant talent of truth telling to give us a book on these powerful spiritual practices that still hold such much mystery; unlocking a lot of truths for us. ‘I love how he weaves in his own personal history to show how he was shaped.

Nicholas writes that there is a huge need for shamans, medicine people, and wisdom keepers to create a future that supports all of life. But first we really have to delve into ourselves and learn who we are. For any person interested In shamanism and animism, ‘Walking with the Tiger’ is a must read!’

Sandra Ingerman: Shamanic teacher and award-winning author of 12 books including ‘Soul Retrieval’ and ‘The Book of Ceremony.’  

Walking with a tiger isn't easy, or thinkable. You must be fearless, learn to connect to its spirit, heighten your senses, be alert, pick your tools, be patient, know yourself and your environment; and above all, show deep reverence for that powerful yet elusive shape-shifter. Nicholas Breeze Wood's excellent book is easy-to-follow with the much-needed in-depth knowledge, guidelines, and teachings to help you transform into a powerful practitioner, who can even ride the tiger.

Itzhak Beery: author of ‘The Gift of Shamanism,’ ‘Shamanic Transformations,’ and ‘Shamanic Healing.’ Shamanic teacher, healer, and speaker. Founder and publisher of -

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‘In Walking With The Tiger, Nick takes us on the kaleidoscopic journey of his shamanic path - from his childhood in the countryside of rural England, to his deep practice of Himalayan and Central Asian Shamanism, by way of dyslexia, psychotherapy, Native American spirituality, Core Shamanism, and being editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine for thirty years. His knowledge is encyclopedic and he is generous with detail, incisive observations and profound insights.

He has a clear writing style, but this is no lightweight ‘how to book.’ As he points out: ‘Building the relationship of trust with our spirits is essential, and that takes time; years.’ In his case, years spent with the Tiger. Enjoy the journey!

Jonathan Horwitz: Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies Åsbacka Center for Shamanic Healing

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‘Stories and teachings–both spiritual and otherwise - are necessary ‘foods’ for our lives. In the past, our elders would pass their wisdom to us in stories - aware that they would ‘stick to our ribs’ far better than any linear set of directions. In Walking with the Tiger, Nicholas stirs shamanic teachings, stories and personal memoir into a wisdom soup that will nourish the reader deeply. I highly recommend it!"

Evelyn C. Rysdyk: Shamanic healer/teacher and author of: ‘The Norse Shaman,’ ‘Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power’ and ‘Shamanic Creativity.’

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